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Cash Dispensers | DCV, Fujitsu, Burroughs |

Fujitsu / DCV Dispenser (Cash Dispenser)

Cash dispensers and recyclers are revolutionizing the way banks and credit unions do business by automating many of the key tasks at the branch level. Cash dispensers are smart vaults that dispense cash to tellers as withdrawals are made by customers. Dispensers increase the productivity of tellers and front line workers while reducing errors and lessening the cash requirements in the branch at any one time. Dispensers are generally used by banks, credit unions, and other financial services firms.

Edge One is proud to sell dispensers produced by Arca and Fujitsu. These machines are sold under three brand names, Arca, Burroughs, and DCV. Edge One is capable of procuring machines from all these sources.

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  • Capable of serving two tellers simultaneously
  • Available with front or rear access
  • 5 and 6 denomination configurations available
  • 18,000 note capacity (3,000 notes per casette)
  • Dual control access locks include
  • Cuts average vault buy time from twenty minutes to two
  • Various coin dispensing options

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