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Billcon N120 (Money Counter)

Money Counters are used to count paper bills or notes. They are used by banks, credit unions, government offices, churches, and any business that takes in cash on a daily basis and seeks to handle it and prepare it for deposit more efficiently. Money counters save considerable time and energy for employees and dramatically reduce counting errors.

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  • Capable of counting currency from anywhere in the world, provided it’s between 55 and 97mm in length and between 110 and 192mm in width.
  • Counts up to 1,500 notes per minute
  • Error Detection sorts out notes of the wrong size (this product does not offer counterfeit detection. The next level of the N Series counter does.)
  • Capable of handling notes in any condition.
  • Add mode performs an accumulation of total # of notes counted. Repeat mode continually counts the same designated batch number of notes. Batch mode stops counting after a batch has been completed so batch settings can be reset.
  • Extremely quiet operation is suitable for any office environment.

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